CASSIDY JOHNS CHITALI. Age: 39.


26th February, 2012.

I am Cassidy Joao Chitali a Secondary School Teacher, and Mechanical Engineer a male Angolan age 39, born on the 24th December, 1975 in the Province of Bie of Domingas Satundu and a late father American origin.

Due to intense warring factions between the opposition political party UNITA and ruling MPLA in the 1960s my parents decided to leave Angola Bie in order to seek refugee there.

I grew up in Zambia in the North-Western Province in a Meheba Refugee Settlement which accommodated refugees from different countries in Africa.

The UNHCR in Zambia helped me with the majority refugees to sponsor our studies at Primary, Secondary and College levels.

Following the voluntary repatriation of Angolan refugees by UNHCR from Zambia due to the peace signing of the peace accords between the opposition party of the UNITA and ruling MPLA, I got repatriated voluntarily and officially on the 7th June, 1997 to Angola when warring factions still continued in Angola.

My first job in Angola was on the 17th July, 1997 at the United Nations Peace Keeping Mission (MONUA), as a local staff in the (ISS) Integrated Support Services as a Fuel Cell and Administrative Assistant.

During the UN operations for peace process I mate with the staff officers from the Central Intelligence Agency, United States Army, Air force who gave me intelligence incentives and recruited me into the network as a secret service meant to carry out any operation of gathering intelligence and czar.

Abuse of power, misinformation or and deliberate actions that the Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos involved in with his family caught me un aware and held me prison as his son at the Angola’s presidential palace in Luanda on the 17th December, 2000 for 30 business days. The amnesty international and other human rights observers tried to investigate into this issue but, the Angolan Police up to now refuse as t was illegal action and abuse of presidential power by the President of the Republic of Angola Jose Eduardo dos Santos.

“They caught me un aware in a low and meager profile when they drove me to the Chief of Angolan Presidential Security Officer who lead me to prison like a joke and told me you will have everything you want here until you talk to the President him.”

“No prior judgment procedures were taken before I was held prison, meaning they violated the international of justice. They wanted to kill me in an uprising there.”

Despite their efforts to ask me to hold talk with the President whilst in Prison I refused because that was not my intention to discuss with him.

The United States of American authorities came to know that I was held prison that time because I made a communication whilst in prison to the Former United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan, United States authorities including the Army, and the Central Intelligence Agency to complain about the evil scene which saw my release from the prison on the 17th January, 2001.

Although some deaths followed after my release from prison I did not make any connections with that referring to the assassination of the President Laurent Desire Kabila in the DRC Congo.

After my release from prison, all my activities, my life, my commitments and interaction in the society was affected because the albatross Jose Eduardo dos Santos went to the media, state radio, and Angola Journal to publish the information which made every citizen get concerned about me and begun to mistreat me with all sorts of organized crime such as beatings, theft, murders and total rejection from the Angolan society. I made efforts to request for a pickup from Angola to United States of America, the US. Army and Air force came to Angola to pick me but the devil President Jose Eduardo refused me to be taken with them for fear of resumption of war.

“Although I survived, it was by the grace of God and not by what I intended to have or to live. I mean life became hard since 2001 because the President and his family who hold big posts influenced the nation to mistreat me and to make no good and paying job was given to me”.

Which is why I begun to think one day to make sure I myself equal and even stronger much competent or better than them. I did this by first entering in direct contact with the United States Army and CIA to seek assistance and power support by working with them proving intelligence on several issues that affected the United States of America. That was how from Angola I begun to use the embassy and the internet to enter in direct contact with Former Presidents George Walker Bush, Bill Jefferson Clinton, CIA Director George Tenet, and the United States Army generals on sensitive issues regarding the 9/11 terror attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon thus Counter Terrorism Expert hence the coining of the Afghanistan war, Iraq war, and the supposed to be Syrian war. That means my work on gathering of information was so much depended on especially that what I delivered to them was accepted and found genuine to use, to do and to depend on especially action.

I felt I reached the level I needed to acquire or attain to protect myself and rise against the ruling government MPLA  and any other internal and external contacts established in the Republic of Namibia and Zimbabwe or and individuals that supported the ruling MPLA and finally to neutralize or remove President Jose Eduardo dos Santos from power was my first option and objective especially that he has mislaid, mismanaged and embezzled or pilfered huge sums of money amounting to US$ 20 Billions for himself and his family leaving the nation Angola in extreme poverty earning less that 1 dollar per day. He solves this by saying that Angolan poverty was inherited from the colonial in a video where he publicly confesses during a rally. So with growing concern of my presidential problem.

Following the re-election of the Former United States President George Walker Bush in the second term of office in 2004 where he almost lost to Democrat Senate John Kerry because of the Iraq war which they thought we made was illegal, I was asked to provide proof and evidence in written by the United States Army for his re-election purposes. Which I did and requested them to consider his re election to the second term of office.

“I stressed that a Presidential nominee was essential for President George Walker Bush, if it failed we were going to make war in the United States of America of which President George Bush was already frustrated and had almost started in New York when he exploded bombs deliberately after a lost campaign in New York City.”

After the majority Angolans learned from this situation they begun to respect me including the Marxist and dictator President Jose Eduardo dos Santos with the MPLA staff.

After the MPLA learned of what I had done during the re election process in the United States, they contacted me in a special way to lead the research project which was meant to evaluate the living conditions of the Angolans after peace a project research which was sponsored by the World Bank, UNICEF, National Institute of Statistics and the Government of Angola. It was this that the 2008 elections in Angola were running to threaten and remove the ruling MPLA from power as the majority Angolans were frustrated at the leadership of the MPLA and the Government of Jose Eduardo dos Santos. This was how and when the MPLA contacted me to do as I did with the United States elections. And that was how MPLA got re elected.

“I sublimated and made extreme effort to inform President George Walker Bush about the essence of MPLA as a party which has run the government and has everything to sustain Angolans and if fails or looses will rekindle war.”

United States special presidential diplomatic authorities were sent to control or monitor the Angolan elections at my request to President George Walker Bush and just declared that MPLA needed to continue.

But, with investigations I have carried out, I find no reason now and at the moment to re elect MPLA with President Jose Eduardo dos Santos who has a failed governance and brutal approach to problem solving.

Following the risks of death thefts into my home that I have encountered since I was released from the presidential prison I found it necessary to make consultations with the Angolan authorities who finally told me that it was the President Jose Eduardo dos Santos with his family who troubled me. The Angolan Police advised me to leave Angola and seek refugee or asylum in any neighboring country of which Namibia is considerable although there is a high infiltration of Angolans who might do me harm.

“I mean I need to stay in a country where there are few or no Angolans existing there.”

I officially entered Namibia on the 13th of February, 2012 through the Oshikango boarder with the intention as advised by the Angolan Police.

When I arrived in Windhoek, I went to the Ministry of Home Affairs to discuss with the authorities about my continued presence in Namibia purposely to seek asylum.

Unfortunately, the Ministry of Home Affairs refugee desk in Namibia told me that they are not receiving any more Angolan refugees following the repatriation of all the Angolan refugees coming in June this year so they told me to find a way out for my self.

Meanwhile I am waiting for my entry VISA approval application at the Bostwana Embassy to arrive Gaborone and continue travelling until I arrive to the United States of America of God wills.

I am looking for international migration assistance to arrive in the United States of America, New York City.

Awaiting your response and assistance.

Cassidy Johns Chitali.

Windhoek, Namibia.

E-mail: Cassidy_johns@yahoo.com

 Phone: +264817831507









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