Subject: Information leading to my absence at work and request for salary payment.

To:           The President.

                 Radical Investments – FLOTEK.

                Viana Km 14 Luanda,  Angola.

From:    Joao Chitali.

                Windhoek,  Namibia.

Date:     23rd, February, 2012.02.25

Dear Sir,

In the first place, I would like to greatly apologize for having not communicated to you before I left Luanda due to intense and severe headache and illness that increased on the soles and bruises which you saw on my face and head when  I presented to you a report  which explained how I got attacked or caught unaware and beaten almost to death by six men on my way from work by unknown bandits who could  have been hired  or sent by the by the President of the Republic of Angola Jose Eduardo dos Santos on the 24th January, 2012 in Kapalanga – Viana.

President Jose Eduardo dos Santos does not get along with me just because I refused him and his family to be his son.  I am not his son  because I do not know him as my father which is why upon refusing this he held me prison at the Angola’s presidential palace for 30 days in the presidential palace until he released me and that caught World headlines. That was how I decided to obtain power from the United States Army and the Central Intelligence Agency in order to work against his programs.

After a discussion with the Angolan Police in Luanda several times on this issue, they advised me to leave Angola to seek treatment until I recovered completely and possibly seek  asylum in any neighbouring country.

Which is why in the night of the 9th February, 2012 I decided to hurriedly leave Luanda and crossed  the Angola – Namibia boarders to get treatment asap. I arrived Windhoek on the 13th February, 2012 where I first of all went to the offices of the Ministry of Home Affairs and discussed with the officers regarding my intention of entering Namibia and they asked me to write a letter to the Minister of Home Affairs to about the same.

I made a complete medical check up in Windhoek  with a clinic and a traditional healer. Finally I am fit and back to my old life because I have got treatment which ended and finished today the 25th February, 2012. I am glad.  I am fit and cured completely, but, the problem is if I return to Luanda, Angola I will find more trouble from the President  Jose Eduardo dos Santos who I feel is my best enemy.

The President of Namibia with his ministers are aware about this problem, and I am making an effort to see how I can solve it.

To this end, I write to you to request your good offices to help me sir by sending my Monthly Salary  US$ 400.00 to enable me pay for my medical expenses and travel to Luanda as soon as the problem gets solved when the Angolan Police inform me.

Kindly, respond to me and tell me about the payment instructions especially by Western Union please use my name Joao Chitali.

Your assistance in this issue shall be highly appreciated.

Yours Trully,

Joao Chitali.

Republic of Namibia.


NB:  If you can not identify me please refer to  . When I arrived Namibia I once called Mr. Francisco the Human Resources Officer on his number but it seems he did not want to attend.  My phone number is  +264817831507. If the number is not calling kindly text a message I will get it.



















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