Attention: President George Walker Bush – Request for Assistance.

Your  Excellence President George Walker Bush,
I write to request for an urgent pick-up  from the Republic of Namibia in Windhoek where I am currently and temporarily  residing due to a risk of death which was posed at me by Angolan President  Jose Eduardo dos Santos with his entourage Former President of  Namibia Sam Nujoma who incited Angolan and Namibian bandits to  catch me unaware and fight me to kill me in Luanda on the 24th  January, 2012 in Viana Kapalanga. They are both on asset freeze and must Freeze Right Now!!
They managed to catch meunaware and beat me but I survived because I am a commando and military.  As I found it essential to leave Angola with the ideal of escaping death I  entered Namibia Windhoek on the 13th February, 2012 to seek asylum  there unfortunately, the ministry of home affairs with UHNCR (United Nations  High Commission for Refugees) is not accepting Angolan refugees anymore.  I through I would seek asylum in Canada or Australia through the  UNHCR but has failed.
Meanwhile, my position is useless, hopeless  and trash in deep trouble. I don’t know what to do next. I am  kindly, asking you to send a plane to pick me from Windhoek, or contact the US.  Army Special Forces to send any  form of help say money through the US. Embassy in Windhoek to help sustain me as  I continue my journey to the United States or and make an effort to deploy  militaries to help me I have also found terrorist training cells for Germany and  terrorist fundraising companies listed here for asset freeze now.
I am one of those that worked so hard for  your re-election of 2004 when you faced trouble to Presidential Candidate John  Kerry.
If you remember, you will see  that I worked hard through the internet contact with Major Generals in the US.  Army to convince them of the need for your re-election to the second term of  office basing on many issues.
Attached is a copy of my passport for  Angola which I am using.
I have already risked death and that was  the third time in Luanda, Angola, I need your help I want to come to the Unites  States.Please help me I am in deep trouble.
To this end, I need your  assistance.
Kindly, respond to me via this email or the  US. Embassy in Windhoek.
Awaiting your assistance  soon.
Cassidy Johns Chitali.
Windhoek, Namibia.
CC:      General Tommy  Franks.
CC:      US.  Army.
CC:      US.  Airforce.
CC:      General Colin Powell
NB:My phone number is+264817831507. If the number is not calling kindly text a message I will  get it.



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