Yes!. I am a Major General in the US. Army Special Forces.

Dear Madam from Bloomberg Magazine,

Yesterday on wednesday arround 18 hours Angolan time you called me on my number +244937705925 using a number +12024341800 and your email  in which you left a voice message requesting for information leading a military post of a Major General if I am one of them. To your response, I confess to you openely that I am one of them a US. Special Forces and a CIA Commando, Efant Terible, a US. Army Clout, I have carried out military clandstine operations in the President George Walker Bush administration especially in the start of the afghanistan war, Iraq war on Counter Terrorism as a Foreign Terrorist Trucking Task Force Officer by internet and email and other forms of communication which permitted us to even take war to finally to Syria which was war plan after Iraq. Including fund and asset freeze designations belonging to terrorists and facilitators of terrorist I mean those fundraising companies for terrorists including organisations of terror and other issues. Since I am so much commited to counter terrorism.

Nonetheless, you can always contact the US.Army and military databases with President George Walker Bush on the 2004 of his re-election to the second term of office I am on the top list and number one in the United States of America with other Major Generals mthat I commanded to make sure that President George Walker Bush continued the second term of office regardless of the alligations and putrefactions of false information of not the majority wanting him to continue. Most of my workm wasm donem through the internet and e-mail contacts.

 President Bush administration is the mest.

 Pls call me again my number for further inquiries 00244937705925. Meet President George Walker Bush and the US. Army and find out from them about my next mission. I need a prize and I want to be on Planet MARS.

Awaiting your call soon.

 Cassidy Johns Chitali.

 US. MAjor General and CIA Top Advisor Presidential Matters.

Luanda, Angiola.



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