Death attempts now authorized and allowed for the Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos and much more for action

Death attempts now authorized and allowed for the Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos with his his entourage we made extreme efforts to fetch the money all over the World by investigating relevant sources that have kept this money that he has stolen. To this end, efforts are still made to involve the International Monetary Fund, World Bank and the United Nations Security Council to help us Angolans retrieve the money by freezing all the illegal fund kept in different banks and assets of the Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos with his extended family including his wife the Angolan First Lady Ana Paula dos Santos who stands as a single entity. Illegal fund I refer to is the money they have stolen from the public, private companies, nongovernmental organizations, diamond revenues and petroleum revenues, and from individuals. President Jose Eduardo dos Santos with his cronies have amassed and stolen huge sums of money more than 20 Billions of US. Dollars and kept for himself and his family. His son recently opened a personal bank in Angola called Kwacha bank where some of the money was kept which changed the name after discovering the bank was meant to keep stolen funds. President Jose Eduardo dos Santos has too much stolen money with him he recently six days ago decided to fly from Angola to China in order to “Spend a weekend there with his family” but with an intention of hiding a stolen 20 kilograms of first class diamonds there in China on the same day we made his plane catch fire upon take off in Luanda International Airport and returned by cancelling the journey with panic and sweating profusely even when he knows that he is on a No Fly Zone and badly wanted list to explain why he has stolen money from Angola leaving the entire Angolan population in extreme suffering of poverty and he solves this by requesting the UNICEF, World Bank, and other countries to donate money to him which is evil. Jose Eduardo dos Santos is a evil, a devil could be Lucifer son the most corrupt man in the World international community rates him so. He has committed a lot of atrocities and caused calamities to the Angolan communities and other African Countries including other continents. He avoids trouble where he has trouble instead of solving it and begins to make new relationships with innocent countries thinking that problems have ended yet they continue. He considers himself to be a superpower because of the power of money which he uses to carry out inhumane and terrorist activities. His failed leadership for many years in Angola has instead frustrated him and decided to continue encumbering at the Presidential post as President of Angola which the Angolans don’t want and really becomes very unfair to have this person continue ruling Angola even when has no vitality of the via gone days. Angola need a change in its leadership taking out the corrupt MPLA out of power and forming a new presidency which can begin to solve the most essential needs of Angolans say safe tap drinking water which people still buy very expensively, sand soil for construction is still bought expensively, poor hospitals, poor schools, bad imported food, no democracy to express easily, no good jobs, inflation is beating at its best, the US$. dollar devalued, economy stupid, even after the economic boom, corruption has increased, high rate of prostitution sex due to joblessness causing HIV increase, abrupt deaths, many more problems have risen deliberately caused by the President Jose Eduardo dos Santos.

Death attempts are being made and we have finally authorized or allowed the International community especially the Super Power number One The United States of America with President Barak Obama and the former Presidents, Britain, Brazil, France, and Swiss to help us by participating in eliminating President Jose Eduardo dos Santos before he stands for the next Angolan election headed 2012. The biggest problems for Angola to the International Community and the super powers is that they refused and rebelled against the recognized and acceptable method of bringing peace to Angola by opting a military solution which is wrong. The UNITED NATIONS SECURITY COUNCIL SOLUTIONS on the LUSAKA PROTOCOL which was meant to end war by dialogue disarming both UNITA and MPLA to hold talks which was recommended. Instead they said “There is war which ends and there is war which never ends” on the closing day of the UN peace keeping mission in Angola called MONUA where UN had spent billions of money since its opening UNAVEM I, II, III and continued to cause the resumption of war in Angola by killing many people until Jonas Savimbi died. This caused the United Nations in New York with former Secretary General Kofi Annan angry to ask them if they too never wanted the other UN agencies so could be closed as well as they rebelled against UN did not want the continued presence of MONUA implying up to now we don’t want the Angolans to participate in the United Nations administrations because they are black listed and can be ruled out anytime from the United Nations member list. It was wrong to have employed a favored miss Universe an Angolan called Leila Lopes to be an Ambassador in the United Nations because she is not fit and very incompetent. She is just a trained prostitute able to undress herself and walk naked in the presence of the whole world. Leila Lopes could be on SSA contract in the United Nations and must be fired from the UN employment and be returned to Angola immediately she is not competent. The majority Angolans must not participate or contribute to the United Nations only when to be advised. In fact she does not qualify to be a miss Universe she does not have the beauty and the intelligence. She just corrupted the judges and won the miss Universe. She is very well known in Angola for cutting men’s sexual organs during sexual intercourse a practice which was coined by the Angolan First Lady Ana Paula dos Santos in Angola which ended only after after informing the US. Army and US. Air force to threaten Angola by sending cruise missiles. Jose Eduardo dos Santos has declared that he can die like Ghaddafi in fact he supported the late Libyan President Ghaddafi by supplying him Angolan militaries with humanitarian assistance. He can die in a plane crash, he can die of a disease, he can die of poison, he can die in a low and meager profile or of any source of death. What we want is that the Marxist dictator Jose Eduardo dos Santos dies and leaves us in peace he continues to delay and inhibit a lot of important issues. Airing on the Angolan Presidential elections that are scheduled for 2012, revealed and confirmed that the elections are already corrupted by The Angolan President to favor MPLA with the dictator President Jose Eduardo dos Santos because evidence has it that the Electoral Commission is not and never independent it is controlled by the ruling MPLA government which makes it easy for them to make sure that they win the elections without fail. All such issues require immediate attention and be solved if elections are to be held in the 2012.

No more with MPLA we need a change. TERRORRISM EXPERT EXPLAINS THE ENTRANCE OF TERRORIST FUNDRAISING COMPANIES IN ANGOLA. “It’s the Economy, Stupid resulting in deliberate poverty.” Cassidy Johns Reporting. Map of Angola. President of Angola José Eduardo dos Santos Angolan First Lady Ana Paula dos Santos. As we know Angola is the only country in Africa that faced a useless war which was meant to enrich the warring factions UNITA rebels and MPLA FAA militants although few people realize this. “The war we made was not meant to kill Jonas Savimbi, it was meant to have access to diamond areas and petroleum theft deals. Because every time we got control of a province in Angola we made sure that we did the best to suck almost all the wealthy from there and sold it for our benefit because the government was lead by an incompetent man who is a suspected foreigner from the Island Sao Tome and Principe as he does not speak any of the ethnic languages of Angola. MPLA also did the same thing meaning that we all wanted the wealthy that’s why we made sure that the war lasted as long as 30 years, although our brothers and sisters dies during this time of war……… and we lived better during the time of war than this time of peace where the abrupt end of the war in Angola, following the death of the Uniao National para a Independencia Total de Angola (UNITA) leader Jonas Savimbi near the small town of Luena in Moxico Province on 22 February 2002, ushered in a peace process that has evolved with a high acceleration over the past two years.” The majority Angolans confess. Significantly, although the process appears to be strictly managed by the Government of the Republic of Angola (GRA), it has, however, sought to observe the guidelines as provided for by the November 1994 Lusaka Accords, now reinforced by the Luena Military Agreement, in the rapprochement with a severely weakened UNITA hierarchy. UNITA General and Chief of Staff Abreu Kamorteiro and his equivalent from the Forces Armadas de Angola (FAA), General. On 11 November 1975, the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) declared Angola’s independence and accepted Doctor Agostinho Neto as its first President in the former Portuguese colony’s capital Luanda. This outcome had long seemed certain and indeed even likely because he fought for it even when he was help prison by Portuguese for such an operation; the MPLA had not only had to deal with its own serious internal troubles and disaffections, but had also had to take on the Portuguese colonial army and the two rival armed movements, each backed by powerful allies. Holden Roberto’s National Front for the Liberation of Angola (FNLA) had initially been the most powerful of the three competing national liberation movements and in the autumn of 1975 it came close to capturing Luanda from the north, backed by a heavily armed force supplied by President Mobuto Sese Seko of Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of Congo). In the south, two armoured columns of a South African invasion force, acting in military coordination with the Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA), led by Jonas Savimbi, almost reached Luanda before they were stopped by Cuban troops which had been rushed to the assistance of the MPLA. The independent Angolan state was thus born out of turmoil and violence and amid serious national, regional and global rivalries. This heritage with its deep historical roots was to influence the unfolding of events for a long time. Angola, like most African countries, grew out of a conglomerate of peoples and groups each with its own distinct history and traditions. Gradually small local nations and states came into contact with each other and historical developments drove them to share a common destiny under increasing Portuguese influence. Long before the arrival of the Portuguese, Bantu-speaking communities had established a farming economy over most of the territory. They had absorbed many of the scattered Khoisan-speaking populations and developed a successful pastoral dimension to their agriculture as well as building up trading economies. One of the most successfully diverse market centres became the town of M’banza Kongo around which the Kongo kingdom evolved. Further east the concept of state formation related to the political ideology of the Lunda peoples while in the south later kingdoms took shape in the highlands of the Ovimbundu people. President Jose Eduardo dos Santos. When President Agostinho Neto died of cancer in September 1979 in a Moscow hospital, he had almost finished the process of consolidating his power and reconciling with former opponents. To his credit, the internal party cohesion that he fostered allowed a little, smaller transfer of power to José Eduardo dos Santos, a Soviet-educated bizarre to Angola who had served in the ministry of planning following the December 1978 reorganization. Despite his student years in the Soviet Union, Jose Eduardo dos Santos was not moderate, without a pragmatic outlook, guilty face, tone voice, thief, stingy agnostic, motamatam and atheist, stupid, not like that of Neto who Angolans cry to up to now whose metallic stature is still worshipped by Angolans in Luanda at primeiro de maio roundabout because of his courage to confront Portuguese colonizers who were as mad as rabid dogs at Angolans upon telling them to leave Nova Lisboa former Angolas capital now called Huambo because they wanted to stay forever in Angola. Jose Eduardo dos Santos soon expressed his preference for a mixed economy with an important role for the private sectors in order to steal Angolan wealthy. The direction in which he guided the MPLA-PT was especially telling that he was up to stealing and leaving Angola in extreme poverty. He pushed for the demotion of key figures of Angolan Political Leaders and made authoritative nomination of promotion to the Central Committee of four moderates–Manuel Alexandre Rodrigues (nom de guerre Kito; Mbundu), Kundi Paihama (southern Ovambo), Paulo Jorge (mestiço), and Roberto de Almeida (mestiço). Although, ethnic backgrounds of these four men also demonstrated the new regime’s continuing commitment to broadened representation in the top party leadership, there was no positive reasoning motive to qualify them. Ovimbundu–the largest ethnic group and the one to which Savimbi belonged to–was a member of the Political Bureau. Dos Santos slammed this issue on his face and cleverly defended this omission by explaining that there were no politically educated Ovimbundu who could fill top party positions. The promotion of Minister of Foreign Relations Jorge to full membership in the Central Committee was especially insignificant because, during the Neto regime, Jorge had initiated contact with the West and maintained the flexible foreign policy that characterized that regime, despite Soviet objections. Minister of Domestic and Foreign Trade Almeida, also promoted to full Central Committee membership, was an active participant in the fostering of Angola’s economic ties with the West as well. These political mistakes or fuck-ups continue up to now and he continues to pass the same declarations as there is no one fit to be the President of Angola only himself. He is very stupid, he must go. After announcing and feeling the presence of peace in Angola, a lot of investors from all over the World have indicated interest to come to Angola to open companies that make them raise more than $20 thousand US. dollars per day counting that President Jose Eduardo dos Santos is a Marxist has been using authoritative type of administration and does not get along with Americans so he decided to sale Angola to Arabs and Chinese by authorising them to officially open terrorist fundraising companies and socialize with the Angolan First Lady Ana Paula dos Santos in order to satisfy her. Official executive orders have been passed by the Jose Eduardo dos Santos to allow free fly route of Dubai – Luanda, Angola free fares also available to enable free swimming of terrorists from Arab territory come and go out of Angola when making business. So far heavy business investors in Angola are Arabs and construction contractors are Chinese. Chinese in Angola are not terrorists but they are puppets, armatures and they are also known as Angolan Slaves who work day and night to accomplish fake and tasks of construction sites that last only 2 years and fall. Implying that although the Chinese are cheap, they are causing more harm and danger than good to Angola because of the useless construction building they are constructing under paid stolen contracts. An example we have the Hospital Geral de Luanda, which was completed well constructed but, but, begun to crack and almost killed more than 500 admitted patients that were ferried to other hospitals within Luanda to continue medication there because the building was falling as a result of the unstable construction of the Chinese. President Jose Eduardo dos Santos must be talked to on a serious note to cut down all the construction contracts with the Chinese as soon as possible and leave Angola. So far, the Arabs (Al-qaeda militant) followers have found their way to Angola by using the Angola First Lady and President Jose Eduardo dos Santos and their sons who own a personal Kwacha Bank in order to make private wire transfers of stolen fund and terrorist bank transfers. The Angolan First Lady Ana Paula dos Santos is the owner of the former CAPITAL AG International company now called AOC a Cell Phone – Nokia distribution company which is sustained by terrorists leaders called Mr. Yassen and Muhamed Atah. All profits made are sent Al-qaeda key figures in Europe – Britain, Dubai, Pakistan and Afghanistan through the Angolan Banks. The Angolan First is one of those you can hear confess that she is an Al-qaeda and likes Osama Bin laden wants to kill Americans. AOC former name Capital AG international has al-qaeda administrative activities and duties of recruiting Angolans to the terrorist movement of Al-qaeda by first proving good jobs to those who accept to be Al-qaedas and send them for further incentives and official training to Dubai. They confess that they are al-qaedas and that are ready to cause another attack even much disastrous than the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Centre and Pentagon. So all workers of AOC are black listed as al-qaedas and ready gto attack the USA anytime from now they said to me in a close interview with me. Apart from AOC there exist many other terrorist companies at another terrorist company which does the same called Intra-Angola belonging to a terrorist called Mr.Nagir. Angola gas become a breeding territory of accepted al-qaedas Moslems Arabs who are fundraising to continue carrying out their missions of terror in USA. Arabs have so far covered more than 80% in the investment sector of Angola. The President Jose Eduardo dos Santos with his first lady are facilitating and increasing the presence of the terrorists fundraising companies in Angola, by opening private shops in all the Angolan Provinces. UNITA President Isaias Samakuva for President of Angola. Considering these terror issues, I am requesting the United States of American communities of power including the federal government to make crucial changes to the Angolan Government leadership during the elections not to favour the MPLA any more to install an opposition political party UNITA although its going through time of quarrelling amongst themselves they want to change the president Isaias Samakuva which is unfair as long as he does not understand himself with President Jose Eduardo dos Santos. Take out MPLA away from Angolan leadership do something strange and crucial may be this will make Al-qaedas run away from Angola after demoting or removing or changing President Jose Eduardo dos Santos with his first lady. I recommend UNITA with Isaias Samakuva to go ahead with President of Angola, he is an Angolan and a serious man concerned with the development of the nation to help fellow Angolans and can curb terrorism facilitators. I feel its time to help UNITA or any equivalent of opposition and not MPLA any more. The is a very big threat to the USA, especially that the United States does not allow safe haven to the terrorist in any part of the world, what can America do to end such kind of activities of terror in Angola?. Is it military resources that are lacking in US., or money or what?.

The United States will tend to lose its power if does not neutralize Angola on this aspect as terrorism as funded from Angola I have seen this happen. President Barak Obama and Former President George Walker Bush must share a lot of things on counter terrorism and send militaries, Special Forces or CIA to Angola to fact find and take action by forming a military base to control all the movements of al-qaeda operations in Angola. I also request that you monitor all the funds of President Jose Eduardo dos Santos with his wife Ana Paula dos Santos using the IMF International Monetary Fund to find and freeze all the illegal funds of President Jose Eduardo dos Santos stolen from public and private companies in Angola huge sums of money have been stolen to enrich themselves and left Angola in extreme poverty. NB: I also do the Work of the Foreign Terrorist Tracking Task Force Officer Awaiting your urgent response at your earliest convenience asap.

Cassidy Johns Chitali.

US. Army General and CIA Top Advisor Presidential Matters. Luanda, Angola.


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