Dear ladies and gentlemen,

TheUnited States of Americawith all its security and army is commited to eliminating terror all over the world. This implies that we are we have to plot the remaining existing terrorist which is why I have sent you the list of the remaining terrorists. Copy the link and paste to browse the staff I have sent you at the following.

You are requested to inform all other militaries in the, airforce bases and other security officers resposible for counter terrorism.

To this end, I request you to cooperate and work hard to relocate the pre existence of the people mentioned here to in order to kill them if prisoning is not possible as their leader Osam Bin Laden died.

I have proof that President Brak Obam was a terrorist once in his life he worked for a terrorist in his life time meaning that he has got certain elements of a terrorist in him and the endorsement of the Barak Obama for Presidency by General Colin Powel was a mistake. And I call Colin Powell to be Cow Boy and a puppet because he had run away from the Bush administration thinking that President George Walker Bush would loose to John Kerry in the second term of office 2004 presidential nominee. It was me who voluntarily worked hard to convice the majority of the United States Army and the population over the blurted accusations of the having made the Iraq war at our will meaning they did not understand that so I had to explain further and better to the US. Army General and the elecoral niminee desk until President George Walker Bush won the elections. I am coming to enter theUnited Stateswith or without a passport or visa anytime from now.

Barak Obama´s entry to Presidency inUSAwas that of a terrorist with all sorts of insults to President George Walker Bush and caused pitty to hear President Bush.

Brak Obama must not have a second term of office no more he is such an easily taken person and a MOSLEM can not be involved in political issues to such extents of rising to Presidency inUSA. What caused the 11/9 attacks on theAmericasoils was the islamic extremism which Barak Obama is one of them.

Kindly, abide and do away with Barak Obam he is a Devil and rude boy with a dirty and poor background thats why he is made to win medals of peace and others that is causing him to be rich. How can a former terrorist be a President of theUnited States of America?. Thats why President Bill Clinton had such a bad talk on phone with Barak Obama one day and requested him to apologize on phone which was leaked and we hear and see that meaning that Barak Obama is not competent on Hillary Clinton. It was an error and must not be rpeated or accepted any more. We can even set a NO FLY ZONE for Barak Obama and die like the wat John F. Kennedy Junior dies. He has the characters or behaviour of the Ex-President Lyndon Johnson Baines meaning he is not stable nad can resign anytime. So far there is nothing that I have seen is good which he has done worthy. He is stupid and Cow Boy. Damne.!!!.

InAngola, 20 to 50 Alqaedas can be heard confessing that they are I have some of their photos and I promise to them to you via email as soon as possible for you to take urgent action.

Best regards.

Awaiting your action soon.

Cassidy Johns Chitali.

US.Major General and CIA Top Advisor Presidential Matters.




refer to 1. 


refer to 2.




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