I need a DNA Test with President Jose Eduardo dos Santos of Angola to end the problem finally.

Photo: Cassidy Johns Chitali also called Chiponge.

Upto now no one is able to explain very well in Angola from the Angolan Police, military and other security companies why they held me prison at the Angolon Presidential Palace in Luanda in the year 2000 for no reasons. This issue is still outstanding and I am ready to go through a thumb DNA test if al all they claim I committed a crime for the heany imprisonment by the President of the Republic of Angola in a secret and private prison which is not recognised by the Angolan Police. Failure to comply to this DNA fact which is going to judge what went wrong with me I mean a computerised test showing images of the progressive problem. This can be done in South Africa, United States of America and Brasil. The fact is that President dos santos with his family have been killing people in Angola using dbious means and ways.

The Angolan Police is requested to pick-me-at-any-time in order to begin to solve this issue since they dont know about it and have no first hand information.

Appropriate individuals including the Presidents of the United States of America Barak Obama, Former President George Walker Bush, Bill Jefferson Clinton, Donald Rumsfeld and United States Army, United States Airforce and the Executive Ditector International Association of Scientology are requested to participate in order to avoid cheating and corruption. War is the first Priority to this issue if President Jose Eduardo dos Santos with his family do not comply to the commitments and provisions I repeat, in connection with the same the late Mike Johnny Span a CIA commando in the period when Jorge Tenet the then Director was killed in Afghanistan as a result of the influence of the Angolan Government authorities whose order came from the President of Angola Jose Eduardo dos Santos. They wanted to kill me in an uprising there in the Prison I confess I dont want any thing done by the President of Angola except to die. Even Osama Bin Laden was better that dos Santos he is like his friend late Saddam Hussein. President Jose Eduardo dos Santos is a person who is known to be a serial killer, a murder of many human beings in Angola. Many people in Angola I suppose even abroad fear him because of being known to be a killer he believes in witchcraft and ritual killings where where portable human beings are wasted for traditional purposes.

The whole story started when Jose Eduardo dos Santos so called President travelled to attend the Lusaka Protocol in the Republic of Zambia which was aimed to disarm and ceasefire the UNITA and MPLA prolonged waring factions. During his travel to Lusaka he carried my photos and documents where he went to confess that I am his son he openly started looking for my Mother Domingas Satundu and claimed that she is his wife and I am his son. Eye witnesses are ready to encounter him to explain better. When he arrived in Luanda his bloody extended family begun to look for me and found a way of discussing with me mentioning Lucrecia da Natividade dos Santos and Dona Marta dos Santos as their family as the key figures and snipers. Jose Eduardo dos Santos used his sister Dona Marta dos Santos to successfully imprison me which is why Jose Eduardo dos Santos refuses that did not imprison me. Just after my release from prison the President of DRC died in a sneak attack prior to my release from prison they wanted to kill me there . During the period of imprisonment they used to ask me questions related to President Laurent Desire Kabila and the CIA. During all this time Jose Eduardo dos Santos used such silly methods of killing people pointing to Claudio his nephew as the serial killer and sniper-for-this-program. Such is a case still under heavy investigations and wanting to use this as a tool to solve all the problems of my fellow Angolans. Angola must be free from the dos Santos regime of killings and theft and corruption.

They must go right now or we make a resumption of war on a high tone heard when on such issues. Any questions are welcome can call me and contact me.

To this end I mark the commencement of  my investigation into imprisonment which almost lead to death.

Cassidy Johns Chitali.

US. Army ODCI SF +244937705925.  Luanda, Angola.

Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos charged for murder attempt and theft.


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